Saturday, September 11, 2010


The gown that i ask for.
Is way too much.
Maybe, juz maybe.

I want that Gown.
For Centuries I've begged.
Anyone, at anyplace, anytime.
I juz want-- that Gown.

The Gown of Rue,
very simple, indeed.
Jet-black satin with butterfly bow,
with thick white elastic band.
No zippers, no buttons,
fully constructed by hands.

It is not of something new,
worn by scads,
not even of secondhand fabrics,
very ancient, indeed.
Yet still, 
they won't let me have it,
for those unknown reasons.

And I also,
juz want, that bubble shaped Veil--
Of Maudlin, to be worn under the
Tiara of Glum, made up
of the blemish Diamonds of Contrite.

But they,
They refuse to let me wear it, until
a tidy sum of weariness starts to mingle,
and they are hardly listening
to the voice of my tormented soul.

In lieu,
they drown me in Glorious
iridescent taffeta of white tulle,
with sequins beading on the front
that it shines with the natural brilliance
of the blue-white that is worn on my ring finger,

Felicity is reflected upon their faces,
as my arms are enveloped by the bell sleeves;
that flare between my elbows and my wrists, and
mirth is expressed,
as the Princess length wraps 
upon my head down to my knees.

I know,
they are giving the best for me, 
but my heart is bleeding,
suffering for the desolated dreams.

As the majestic tiara
is placed upon my head,
my soul gives up,
and I die.


[[Walking Alone On This Endless Road]]*|8:47 PM|

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So much wasted tears,
so much inevitable sickness,
so much recondite love,
so much brokenhearted grief,
Of not mine.
And not only mine.

Off the walking cloud,
Too many mourning,
For the dove that had fled.

Some took a good care;
bewitched by its pseudo whiteness,
Some just took for granted;
bearing witness to its incompetence,
But-- all wept the day It left.

Why did the dove cause so much sorrow?
For the unleashed tears,
they ran through years,
and some for lives.

And why did the dove had always gone?
Instead of staying,
Freedom it had chosen,
for being in the cage--
wasn't consuming the utmost gratification,
thou being blessed with so much love, 
thou being cursed with so much wrath.

Wads of pallors had been left,
on the Bunch of whammies,
guess; the burdens they had to carry,
Might be even an endless time.

Shall you not take the dove,
Alive or dead,
unless u pray for eternal gloominess,
of the perpetual sadness.

The venomous Dove is coming,
I suppose.


[[Walking Alone On This Endless Road]]*|11:42 AM|

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


 ‎"DOTA bkn stakat tekan2 je..ianye mmerlukn kekuatn yg hakiki utk
 brmain DoTA..stiap player harus memiliki keazamn yg tggi n
 mmandang jauh ke seluruh map...dan utk mng, kite harus brfikir scre rasional n
 brani agar kte tdk mudah mati...n tru...s maju jaye...
Majulah DoTA utk Negara..." 

#copied from Iskandar Zulkarnain (via Facebook).


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6th MAY 
For the first time ever, I am going to publish, my love-life with Harry, whom I love the most, and the longest i stay with. Even at this moment, I am still his, and I hope that he's still mine like what we have vowed for the past few years. Well, I ain't going to start from scratch, since it is a long story to be written down. In the meantime, I'll just go with the flashback and carry on with my story.

Yesterday, on the 5th of May, believe it or not, we never talked or even text each other. I hadn't meant to stop contacting him, it's just, my exhausted prepaid won't allow me to do so. So, I made myself wait for him for the entire day, yet, nothing seemed to come from him. And i just sat, and waited..

For yesterday was Adam's birthday, then, I had a chat with him regarding his party and his new life in college. Besides, he did ask me, how are we both (me and Harry) going? Well, surely, it was a painful statement until, Adam himself became speechless. And I had chat with Sarah too. She was trying to comfort me for Harry bad deeds. I guess, nothing much since the conversation didn't run between me and Harry. So, nothing shall be aroused, i guess. I'll come back, when there is something to be told about.

Loving Harry at all times,
Anna Evelyn.

>>Still on the same date.

Curiosity kills the cat.
Yes, i know, but, remain unknown for the rest of my life will just be another painful moments that i need to swallow in some other times. From my findings, I discovered that Harry would be in the same college as Hannah, and of course with the same course. And the same goes to Felicia, who will be studying in the same campus, yet, differ in course. But, as the rumors go, Felicia might change her course for she longs to be with Harry and that is totally, more than what I can do. Certainly.
I love you Harry,but the girls seem to love you more. Or these few years together just never enough to prove my faith towards you?

7th May 
Well, its my second day without you, honey. I miss you..
Sorry coz i didn't pick up the phone when u were calling, for i was sick..
I was very sick, till i don't have much strength to speak..
Sorry dear.

Owh, i copy-pasted this from a web.
Cuz i think it's nice.


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In my dreams I'll always see
you soar above the sky
In my dreams there'll always be
a place for you for whole my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be

Kawan-kawan dah nak fly.

Faith Hill.
There You'll Be.

Dedikasi khas buat semua.
Yang dah nak fly tu, especially.
Buat kita2 yang bakal menyusul juga.

p/s : missing Pearl Harbour.(Josh Hartnett)


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The pirate and its parrot
They shall be grateful enough
Cuz at least,
they're in the same boat.

Sharing the same desires.
Facing the same challenges.
And they usually stick together.

But me.

I was on the train
while he was on the plane.
with Different journeys.
Different routes.
Different goals.

He wouldn't be going down
for he soar through the Sky.
and I wasn't with him.
He wouldn't understand
the chaos on Earth,
for he knew only of the strong wind.
And the bad weather.

But i.
somehow did learn few of the wind,
of the tough weather,
for the Earth still could taste them.
I Learn,
because I dream of the barely tangible sky.

I never learn,
about the life-threatening wave,
the mysterious chest upon the sea bed,
or the Flying Dutchman,
as he was never on the ocean.

The Sky is just too high to look upon the Earth,
but Earth, 
seems to always consider 
the presence of the unreachable Sky.


[[Walking Alone On This Endless Road]]*|3:27 PM|


or The Book.
i hope not to return.

Keeping it might be the safe action.
for it will be an endless connection,
sounds selfish enough.

I preserve it
for continuity
thou souls are not there
only single belief
but that's what I gamble on;
Only to know
that there's only hollow.

Kau buat kuterjatuh dan terjatuh lagi
Membuatku merasakan yg  telah terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa ku akhiri.

Do not return it back.
Its not time.


[[Walking Alone On This Endless Road]]*|1:30 AM|

Monday, September 6, 2010



both give benefits.
its juz long or short term.
paths are there.
power in hands.

be wise.

if i choose eternal,
will u wait for me?
I know.
You will always will.

Give us sometimes dear
for we learned from past;
the deplorable past,
and we need to wake
upon the acrimonious bits.

I shall wait
I shall see
Whether my future's off the blue sky
or the land, or the wild blue sea.

I know not of your presence.
Hopes shall be lightened--said The Wise.
But i cannot lay on hopes, they bear;
too much sickness, and
too much fear.

I've chosen The Everlasting.
Moving on.


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Its a great day.
For updating posts.

Lotsa friends will be flying.
In few more days.
Guess they are too busy.
For raya.
Preparation maybe?
Mentally, like BFF said.

Best of luck.
To them :
who are going.
To us :
who will be going.

I too,
want to Fly,
but intention has changed,
within the unpredictable moments.

carry lotsa meanings.


It changes within one's shoe.


[[Walking Alone On This Endless Road]]*|10:24 AM|


New layout.
means the new beginning of life.
Its Independence Day, remember?

I shall be independent. Too.
I am independent.
But will be more.

I'm losing this for a very long time.
Gara-gara salah jalan pilih.

I like the way I was.
Mcm kwn sorg tu ckp.
I don't like to be cheerful.
Uplifting? No.

I prefer black.
Some-thing or Some-one
had made me stray too far.

I was heartbroken.
yet strong enough to mend it myself.
to gather self back to whole.

I like being heartbroken, indeed.
Crying for hours.
Talking to BFF.
That makes me even stronger.
I love tears.
But they hardly keep me company diz tyms.

I hope they will be.
With me again.
Do come back.


[[Walking Alone On This Endless Road]]*|8:42 AM|

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