Tuesday, September 7, 2010


6th MAY 
For the first time ever, I am going to publish, my love-life with Harry, whom I love the most, and the longest i stay with. Even at this moment, I am still his, and I hope that he's still mine like what we have vowed for the past few years. Well, I ain't going to start from scratch, since it is a long story to be written down. In the meantime, I'll just go with the flashback and carry on with my story.

Yesterday, on the 5th of May, believe it or not, we never talked or even text each other. I hadn't meant to stop contacting him, it's just, my exhausted prepaid won't allow me to do so. So, I made myself wait for him for the entire day, yet, nothing seemed to come from him. And i just sat, and waited..

For yesterday was Adam's birthday, then, I had a chat with him regarding his party and his new life in college. Besides, he did ask me, how are we both (me and Harry) going? Well, surely, it was a painful statement until, Adam himself became speechless. And I had chat with Sarah too. She was trying to comfort me for Harry bad deeds. I guess, nothing much since the conversation didn't run between me and Harry. So, nothing shall be aroused, i guess. I'll come back, when there is something to be told about.

Loving Harry at all times,
Anna Evelyn.

>>Still on the same date.

Curiosity kills the cat.
Yes, i know, but, remain unknown for the rest of my life will just be another painful moments that i need to swallow in some other times. From my findings, I discovered that Harry would be in the same college as Hannah, and of course with the same course. And the same goes to Felicia, who will be studying in the same campus, yet, differ in course. But, as the rumors go, Felicia might change her course for she longs to be with Harry and that is totally, more than what I can do. Certainly.
I love you Harry,but the girls seem to love you more. Or these few years together just never enough to prove my faith towards you?

7th May 
Well, its my second day without you, honey. I miss you..
Sorry coz i didn't pick up the phone when u were calling, for i was sick..
I was very sick, till i don't have much strength to speak..
Sorry dear.

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